Lakers’ J.R. Smith Ahead of Schedule in Bubble; Earns First Reprimand For Hilarious IG Live

It’s always fun to watch a goofball exceed expectations. In his return to NBA action, Lakers guard J.R. Smith has already done exactly that. You could be forgiven if you thought everyone’s favorite NBA bonehead’s last truly relevant moment would have been dribbling out the clock in a tied game in the 2018 Finals.

But fans of the NBA’s more unpredictable side can rejoice, we have J.R. Smith back in our lives thanks to his recent deal with the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers, looking to replace guard Avery Bradley, signed J.R. to a one-year worth $289,803 – a decision which has to have come after some very interesting conversations with LeBron James about every other possible option than his old pal.

J.R. Smith wasted no time, jumping on social media immediately after his arrival in Orlando to join the NBA’s recent chorus of players reacting to the food and accommodations. The hilarious shooting guard read through and reacted to the menu of available food, which he actually seems legitimately excited about:

But he seems a lot less happy about the snack selection, at one point saying “You want a motherfucking Ferarri to run like a Ferrari cause you paid for it as a Ferrari, but you keep gassing it up with Chrysler shit.” There goes his shot at a future contract in Detroit.

Speaking of snacks, not to suggest J.R. or any other specific player would be needy of these services, but do we think the league has truly thought through the logistics of the weed delivery and munchies requirements involved in housing this many young men, NBA players or not? These are the things that make bubbles burst.

J.R. Smith would also tell his fans and viewers that the hotel flat out forgot to give him a blanket. Assuming he checked the top of the hotel closet, which he shouldn’t really have to do, I’m totally with J.R. here. Making the bed is one of the most important and basic functions of hotel housekeeping. Particularly in times when we’re relying on people to follow very specific rules and protocols, an unmade bed on day one is probably not a great sign.

The generally happy-go-lucky J.R. laughs it off and it cracks me up every time I watch it.


A few minutes later the hotel delivered a blanket but according to J.R. Smith they didn’t take the time to think about the size of their NBA guests, which he estimates to be “six-twelve.”

The man is comedy gold. You can watch the capture of J.R. Smith’s entire Instagram Live feed, via Swish Daily, it’s worth the 16 minutes. Of course, this being the NBA, someone from either the league or the team got in touch with J.R. and shut down the fun. From the video it appears that J.R. gets text from someone on high who had a problem with his comments, the guard tells viewers “they’re mad at me. I’m gone” before shutting down his feed.

Attention whoever is in charge at the NBA or with the Lakers, we want more J.R. Smith in our lives, not less. No more of this unreasonable censorship, J.R. Live From the Bubble needs to just be a regular show.

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