Paige Spiranac Responds to Trolls After Calling Herself a ‘Sharp’

Betting is all the rage these days.

Our favorite Instagran golfing inlfluencer Paige Spiranac has done well giving her college football picks this season and jokingly referred to herself as a “betting sharp” this week. Paige is currently 19-10 on the season with her picks, which is pretty darn good. Some fans didn’t like that  she called herself a Sharp, and gave her a hard time over the usage of the word.

For those not in the know, sharp is a betting term that means you’re an experienced successful sports gambler. Paige used this an opportunity to give out a little tutorial on betting terms.

Watch Paige Spiranac called out those trolls below:

So to be clear, a sharp is someone who knows what they are doing in sports betting. Sharps are informed, experienced, successful sports bettors. They might be professional bettors, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Often sharps place bigger bets.

Not sure Paige is a Sharp quite yet, but she definitely isn’t a betting shark, which is not a thing.

Paige continues to call out trolls, which is always fun to watch.

Check out more of the Betting Sharp below:

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