Michigan Football Player Donovan Edwards Explain His Anti-Semitic Tweet

Michigan Football Player Donovan Edwards has some explaining to do.

The University of Michigan running back was under fire this week after Social Media quickly noticed he retweeted an anti-Semitic comment, and he has since claimed it was not what he intended to do. Donovan Edwards retweeted an anti-Semitic comment that another Twitter user made in the wake of the Kanye West Anti Semitic rhetoric scandal. If you look at Edwards’ timeline, you will see that almost all of his Twitter activity is about race relations.  But he insists the anti-Semitic retweet was a “glitch.”

The tweet came from an account with the handle @TheXFilmXLord. The tweet was a very negative generalization that said “Jewish people will literally tell you that they want you to kill your own and humiliate your women simply because they have children to feed.” Which is just a bizarre thing to tweet about.

See his apology below:

Most people will have a tough time believing that excuse, and calling it a glitch isn’t going to help either.  Of course this will probably be what is associated with him on Google moving forward, but you have to be careful what you put out on Social Media.

Michigan is getting ready to take on Michigan State this weekend. Donovan Edwards is not some bench guy either, he’s a big part of the Wolverines offense this season. Edwards has 43 carries for 307 yards and four touchdowns. Oh yea, and one Glitchy Anti-Semitic RT.

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