Baltimore Ravens Win Total Over Getting Hammered: Most Lopsided Win Total Bet in NFL

The Baltimore Ravens are a team to keep an eye on.

Not because they have Lamar Jackson, who happens to be one of the most electrifying Quarterbacks on the planet, but more because they are getting some heavy action on their win total for this coming season. Currently their over/under on total wins is 9.5 games, and apparently despite missing  the playoffs last season, bettors are hammering the over on the win total. According to Caesars Sportsbook, out of all the over/under win total bets,  it’s receiving the most lopsided action out of any team. Most bettors are hammering the Ravens to win more than 9.5 games.


Via Caesars: 

“Baltimore is knocking on the door of the double-digit club for its regular season win total, as the Ravens are at 9.5 with the over a sizable favorite at -165 and the under at +140. The over has secured 93.8% of the tickets, making it the most lopsided NFL win total bet by tickets. That side has also nabbed 88.5% of the handle, despite the biggest bet on the Ravens coming in at under 10 (+110) for $10,000.”

But bettors aren’t completely dismissing Lamar Jackson, so far he’s been receiving a decent bit of action for MVP.

“Lamar Jackson already has one MVP under his belt, and has seen his odds shift from 22/1 to 20/1 to add a second. The dual-threat quarterback has received the seventh-most tickets (5.5%) and eighth-most handle (5.0%) for NFL MVP futures.”

The Ravens are also have the Ninth best odds to win the Super Bowl.

“When Caesars Sportsbook first released 2023 Super Bowl futures, the Ravens opened at 20/1—which were the lowest odds of any team that had missed the playoffs. Baltimore has slightly dropped to 18/1 for the ninth-best odds, but now the Broncos hold that aforementioned claim with them sitting at 16/1.”

The Ravens live and die with their QB,  who did have some issues throwing the ball  last year, which has been a theme since his rookie year.  Last year, Lamar Jackson ranked 23rd in passer rating (87.0) and 22nd in completion percentage (.644), and he threw a career-high13 interceptions despite missing the final four games with a foot injury.

And he lost his best receiver in the offseason. We’ll see if the Ravens can get to 10 wins, like all that action suggests they’ll be able to.

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