Justin Tucker Trolled Russell Wilson on the Ravens Flight Home

Justin Tucker keeps up with Russell Wilson news.

The Baltimore Ravens ended up beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 27-22, on Thursday night football. Following the game the Baltimore Ravens flew back to Maryland and Marlon Humphrey documented the trip on TikTok and Instagram. When Humphrey spoke to Justin Tucker, the kicker chose to have a little fun at Russell Wilson’s expense, making a joke about Russell Wilson. Obviously the joke is over what Russ did on the plane flight to London. 

“What are we doing on the plane ride back home? I heard Lamar’s leading us in high knees. Ravens flock, let’s fly.”

Then someone yelled, “Unlimited!”

Russell continues to be the butt of the joke this NFL  season after being traded from the Seahawks. Justin Tucker probably doesn’t care, but it may be worth noting that the Broncos and Ravens do actually have a game scheduled on December 4th in Baltimore. So there is potential for Wilson to get some revenge over being mocked by an opponent.

As for the people of the Internet they seem to love the Russell Wilson slander. We know Justin Tucker is all in on it.

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