Michael Robinson Tears Into Former Teammate Russell Wilson for Being An Inauthentic ‘Robot’

The Russell Wilson hate is showing no signs of slowing down.

One of Wilson’s former Seattle Seahawks teammates is joining the chorus of people who seem to dislike how the quarterback is handling things in Denver. NFL Network commentator and former Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson brought the Russell Wilson hate during a segment on the Denver Broncos, questioning Russell Wilson’s authenticity as a team leader, and even speculating if the locker room could turn on him if things continue down this path.

Robinson didn’t mince words about how disastrous things could get on Mile High.

Watch Robinson slam Russell below:

Robinson is the second of Wilson’s former teammates to be critical of the signal caller of late. Former Seattle Seahawks stars Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman recently pointed out just how much of a diva Russell Wilson can be.

It’s not nearly the first time Wilson has been accused of being inauthentic this season, with his “Let’s Ride” press conference catchphrase being the butt of many jokes.  Russell may have gotten the memo on that, he passed on his signature catchphrase following the Broncos loss. 

While many people wondered if the Broncos were potential Super Bowl contenders, Denver is doing a great job of making people wonder if they’ll even make a push for the playoffs.

But along the way expect more Russell Wilson slander.

Let’s ride!

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