Channing Crowder Continues to Talk About Russell Wilson: ‘Being Rich Doesn’t Make You Cool’

Channing Crowder continues to be obsessed with Russell Wilson.

The former NFL player has had a lot to say about Russell Wilson in the past, and now once again Channing Crowder is talking about his dislike for the Denver Broncos QB. The former NFL star has caused a stir or two on his Pivot podcast over comments made about Wilson, his wife Ciara, and her ex, Future. It’s clear that Wilson isn’t  Crowder’s type of guy.

While visiting Tamron Hall, she questioned him about his ongoing criticism of the Broncos quarterback’s lifestyle choices.

Hall brought up Wilson signing a hefty contract to which Crowder replied,

“Rich doesn’t make you cool.” The host added that being “cool” doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a good person.

He continued: “One hundred percent. He’s an amazing person. He’s a philanthropist, he took, you know, the prior babies, little Future, and he’s an amazing dad for that. And I’ve said that, but it doesn’t get national attention.”

“I’ve said he’s a great dad, he’s a great husband, he’s a philanthropist, he does so much good. He is what you want your son to be.” The audience agreed and clapped for that statement, but Crowder wasn’t quite finished.

“But! There’s always a ‘but,’ ma’am,” Crowder added. “But I’m not calling this fella on Friday night to go to the club with me.” Hall interrupted to say Crowder wouldn’t call Wilson because the latter is at home “with his children and his wife.”

Crowder touched on another viral moment, except his one was with Kevin Hart. We previously reported on the Pivot episode where Crowder revealed that he and his wife like to visit nudist colonies. Hart’s reaction was hilarious, but according to Crowder’s wife, she wasn’t surprised that this one made its way to the internet.

Check out some video of Crowders on Tamron Hall below.

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