Usain Bolt Wants Tyreek Hill’s Super Bowl Ring After He Beats Him In A Race

Kansas City Chiefs star receiver Tyreek Hill has legitimately expressed his desire to race Olympic champion Usain Bolt, citing that the decorated Jamaican is “washed up.”

“Usain Bolt got out of the game for a reason, right?” Hill told reporters in July. “He’s old, he’s washed up, and he can’t see me in 40 yards. Hundred-yard dash, yes, that’s what he do. But 40-yard dash, according to this, Usain Bolts, you cannot see me.”


Well, Usain Bolt is up for Tyreek Hill’s challenge, but he’s setting some pretty high stakes.

Joining the Dan Patrick Show on Thursday morning, Bolt said he’s still confident that he can out run Hill at any distance, and he’s down to race.

He’s even willing to put a gold medal on the line if Tyreek Hill gives up his Super Bowl ring.

Tyreek Hill was quick to respond to Usain Bolt on social media.

Who knows if this race actually happens.

If I were to bet, I’d say Usain Bolt can still blow Tyreek Hill away.

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