Jerry Jones Reportedly Brought Buddies to Drink, Gawk At Cheerleaders During Their Workouts

It’s Jerry’s World, we’re just living in it.

The Dallas Cowboys are fresh off a report they paid out $2.4 million to settle voyeurism allegations against a Cowboys executive.

Now we have this creepy report about Jerry Jones.

According to a podcast about the ongoing situation with the Cowboys, a report stated Jerry Jones used to bring his buddies to drink cocktails and watch the cheerleaders during their workouts.

Another report claims the Dallas Cowboys owner had one cheerleader wear her cheerleading uniform on his private jet.

Via Pro Football Talk:

“Here’s a nugget contained in a recent article from Texan Monthly regarding the situation: “Sarah Hepola’s Texas Monthly podcast on the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, America’s Girls, painted a less flattering portrait of [Cowboy owner Jerry] Jones. This Jerry Jones brought buddies to sip cocktails and leer at cheerleaders during their workouts. This Jerry Jones handpicked at least one cheerleader to accompany him on a trip in his private jet, where she was expected to wear the group’s famous, skimpy uniform and parade around for the boss’s guests.”

This sounds exactly like something Jerry Jones would do.

This and the recent settlement, it totally feels like the Cowboys are just trying to make this go away.

I’d love to see Jerry’s emails and text messages.

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