Jerry Jones Talks About His Verbal Tirade Directed at Robert Kraft

Jerry Jones is trying to explain himself.

A report earlier in the week spoke about how crazy the NFL owners meeting got. as  Jerry Jones issued a NSFW warning to Robert Kraft, and the Dallas Cowboys owner has all but confirmed that it actually did happen.

The NFL owners on Tuesday held their fall meetings in New York this week. The owners discussed a possible new contract for commissioner Roger Goodell as one of their agenda items. According to ESPN, Jones was not about Roger Goodell  getting any more money, while the New England Patriots owner was among those supporting a new deal for the commissioner. Things apparently got heated between the two owners, at which point Jones told Kraft:

“Don’t f— with me.”

During a Friday appearance on 105.3 The Fan, Jones was asked if the report is accurate.

Jones’ issue has  everything to do with Goodell’s contract. ESPN was told the 80-year-old wants Goodell’s contract to be bonus-based, with clear definitions about the financial marks Goodell must meet in order to receive his bonuses. Jones seemed to confirm that’s what he believes should be in his contract. Though he feels Goodell has done an “outstanding” job as commissioner.

Kraft and Jones are  billionaires, and very rarely do they hear the word NO.

Despite the exchange there is said to be no bad blood between the two owners.  Billionaire problems are hard to relate to.

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