Draymond Green Slams Lakers Fans For Booing Their Own Team

Draymond Green is never one to bite his tongue.

The Golden State Warriors star went on his podcast to talk about the fact Lakers fans are out of pocket for booing their players. Draymond Green believes the Lakers have been too successful over the last couple of years to deserve that kind of treatment.


“Let’s not be brats,” Green said. “That was about the brattiest thing I’ve ever seen, considering this team won a championship not even a full two years ago.”

Considering how much fans have to pay to attend an NBA game, it’s understandable when they voice their unhappiness with the effort being put forth.

Does it help out a losing situation, probably not, but at the very least it holds the players accountable.

If a team is giving maximum effort, that’s one thing.

If they appear to be sulking and not playing their hardest, I’m all for fans being vocal.

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