LeBron James Got Trashed For Talking To Draymond Green During the Middle of the Game

LeBron is playing nice.

LeBron James  had a solid game with 31 points and 14 rebounds. Even AD and Russell Westbrook put up nice numbers, unfortunately that didn’t matter, the Lakers lost to Golden State  by 14. At one point in the third quarter, the Golden State Warriors were up by 7 points. In the middle of this blowout, LeBron thought it would be a good idea to go up to Draymond Green, who was on the bench. Dray came out to talk to Bron, and it led to the two laughing like old pals in the middle of a possession.

Watch below:

The clip of this immediately went viral on social media, with many calling Draymond out for being in love with LeBron.  J

Plenty of fans took to Twitter to comment on what happened, and in the eyes of most, it was very corny. This is especially true when you consider how LeBron should be more focused on being a leader than a comedian to the other team.

LeBron seems to have lost that competitve spirit now that he’s nearing the end.

You can be friends with other players, just not during the middle of a game…

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