Patrick Beverley Speaks on Draymond Hitting Jordan Poole: ‘That’s a Line you Don’t Cross’

Patrick Beverley seems to enjoy stirring the pot.

As the 2022-23 NBA regular season is right around the corner, the defending champion Golden State Warriors are dealing with plenty of controversy. Earlier this month reports surfaced about a physical interaction that occurred between Golden State Warriors teammates Draymond Green and Jordan Poole. The team announced that it was going to handle the issue internally, and many assumed that was it, until footage of the incident went viral across the internet. Green has since apologized, and Warriors head coach Steve Kerr seemingly downplayed the incident by claiming that he’s “probably seen 20-plus fights” during his extended career in the league.

Despite all that, Los Angeles Lakers guard Patrick Beverley has a very different opinion. He recently came out and said that such activity has no place in the NBA and Green crossed a line that shouldn’t have been crossed.

“That should never happen — at all” he said. “No, that should never happen. … We’re professionals. That’s a line you don’t cross.”

For Beverley it seems like the main issue is that Green and Poole are co-workers, and as annoyed or mad you are at someone you work with, you can’t put hands on them.

PatBev and his new podcast are off to a great start.

Score one for the new Media.

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