Kevin Durant Calls Out Steve Kerr Following Draymond Green’s Comment About The 98 Bulls

Kevin Durant wants to get in on the fun following Draymond Green’s controversial comments about the 1998 Bulls.

On Sunday night, Draymond revealed that he was watching an NBA Finals game from the “last dance” Bulls team in 1998. And not only did Green think his 2017 Warriors would have beaten the Jazz, but he also believes MJ’s Bulls would have been no match for Golden State.

Today, Kevin Durant chimed in to Draymond Green’s take, and he didn’t miss an opportunity to throw Steve Kerr under the bus.

Kevin Durant had called out Steve Kerr in the past when talking about his altercation with Draymond Green that ultimately played a role in his Warriors exit.

In the end, Green and KD have buried the hatchet. But it seems like there’s still some bad blood between Kerr and the 2017 finals MVP.

Now, Draymond Green, Steve Kerr, and even Steph Curry have gotten the last laugh at Kevin Durant after winning the NBA Championship without his services.

Will KD be able to answer the bell?

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