Kyrie Irving Speaks Out On Being Uncomfortable Playing behind LeBron and Kevin Durant

Kyrie Irving is getting real.

When Kyrie Irving is not playing basketball or making cryptic tweets, he’s keeping busy in other ways. In a preview for the upcoming Uninterrupted show ‘The Shop’, the Brooklyn Nets controversial star took a seat alongside renowned actors, entrepreneurs and other celebrities, including actors Idris Elba and Drew Barrymore.

“Playing with ‘Bron and playing with KD, within our culture they are true icons, but I had to fill in those shoes that were very uncomfortable for me,” Irving said.

Kyrie Irving also discussed his artistic vision on the court, Kyrie calls his tool a basketball, and he thinks of it like he’s painting on the court.  Kyrie describes himself as an artist, one who enjoys the opportunity to do whatever he wants while he’s playing basketball.

“The tool I chose to use as my paintbrush is my basketball. When I describe myself as an artist it gives me an opportunity to do whatever I want.”

Kyrie Irving is returning to the Brooklyn Nets this season after not seeing eye-to-eye with the Nets management earlier this summer, and him opening up about  how  “uncomfortable” it can be playing behind icons like LeBron James and teammate Kevin Durant is definitely eye opening.

Kyrie should embrace playing with the best, but for whatever reason, it just makes him feel a certain type of way. Kyrie is definitely not your typical NBA Superstar.

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