Kyrie Irving Sends a Very Strong Message to President Joe Biden About Brittney Griner

Kyrie Irving doing his part.

Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets played their first game of the season as the NBA season is now in full swing. It was a big test for the Brooklyn Nets although they ended up losing in a blowout to the New Orleans Pelicans. It was one of those games that will probably stick with the Nets for a while when you consider how Irving and Simmons played.

Prior to the game Kyrie Irving made sure to use his platform for some actual good.  While speaking to the crowd prior to the game, Irving called for the freedom of Brittney Griner. She has remained in a Russian prison since February, and Irving wants to get her back home  Irving even made sure to send a message to the President of the United States, Joe Biden.  

“I appreciate us being able to share this floor together, all of us as brothers but the big picture that’s going in the world is free our sister, Brittney Griner, please!” Irving said. “POTUS, do your job! Everybody do your job! Please bring our sister home.”

Watch below:

This is easier said than done as it is Russia we are talking about here. It’s not like the POTUS can just snap his fingers and make Brittney come home.

A prisoner swap is allegedly in the works, but it remains to be seen if it will work out.

But props to Kyrie for speaking out.

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