Kyrie Irving Finally Talks About Being Snubbed for NBA 75

Kyrie finally speaking out.

The NBA 75 list that came out a few months ago and it caused plenty of debates. Naturally many were upset with the list, especially since it included a player like Damian Lillard, yet players with actual championships on their resume were left off.

Kyrie Irving one was glaring omission.

Kyrie had yet to comment on the list, as he usually steers clear of such discussions. Kyrie was asked about the list last night, which led to a fairly interesting answer.

As Kyrie explains, it is a list he hopes to make someday, however, he isn’t very interested in trying to figure out why he didn’t make the cut. Instead, he will let the conspiracy theorists online take a shot at cracking the code.

“I think I’ll leave it to the conspiracy theorists,” Irving said. “I think I was on the list… but I guess I’m not. Maybe I’ll just wait 10 years, 20 years from now… hopefully with a few championships under my belt.”

The NBA will most likely update the list in 25 years from now, so who knows. You have to assume Kyrie will finish his career as one of the best 100 to ever play.

We’re going to have to wait a long time for a follow up to this one…

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