Baker Mayfield Not Happy With Question About Batted Balls From Reporter

Baker Mayfield is starting to feel the heat.

The Carolina Panthers starting QB has been anything but good so far in 2022, after landing with the team following a tumultuous tenure with the Cleveland Browns. Now he’s starting to get annoyed with the Carolina press. Apparently he woke up feeling a bit sassy on Wednesday Following today’s practice, the fifth-year quarterback took the podium and continued to face the music of his ongoing struggles. When asked—in particular—about the vast amount of batted balls he’s thrown, Mayfield snapped back with a smart ass response.

“If you have a drill for me, you can let me know,” Mayfield said.

The reporter then asked Mayfield to repeat his answer—to which he, once again, stated:

“If you have a drill for me, you can let me know.”

Mayfield then continued with a slightly less obnoxious reply.

“It’s like, staying in the pocket, it’s finding windows to throw, gettin’ their hands down in quick game. It’s the same things I keep saying.”

Week 4’s 26-16 loss to the Arizona Cardinals saw five of Baker Mayfield’s passes blocked at the line of scrimmage. He also happens to have more passes blocked than any other QB over the past five seasons. He now, additionally, leads the NFL in the not-so-flattering stat this year with 10.

This guy just isn’t it.

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