Stephen A. Smith Makes Bold Prediction That Kyrie Irving Will be an MVP Candidate This Season

Stephen A. Smith is going out on a limb.

Stephen A. Smith has a complicated relationship with Kyrie Irving. He’s one of the most talented players on the entire planet, yet he’s also a frustrating player who might just not show up if the wind is blowing a certain way. Stephen A. Smith has been a very outspoken critic of Kyrie Irving over the last couple seasons, which is pretty typical of Stephen A., but today SAS went all the way in the other direction and predicted that Kryie Irving would be an MVP candidate this season.

Watch Stephen A. Smith explain his Kyrie MVP stance below:

Smith believes this season will be all about Kyrie trying to get one big last contract.   The only thing about that theory is that Kyrie also has proven that he doesn’t really care about money that much when he missed half the season rather than get vaccinated. There’s also the fact that he repeatedly tries to convince everyone that there’s a lot more to life than basketball. And on top of all that Kyrie Irving has only played 70+ games three times in his career and last did it in 2016-2017. Tough to  imagine him not having some more speed bumps this coming season.

Stephen A. Smith is the best hot take guy in the business.

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