Lakers Legend Kobe Bryant Was Set to Appear on Saved By the Bell Two Days After Tragic Passing

Kobe Bryant was living his best life before his tragic passing.

Kobe’s death came as a huge shock to the entire sports world. His daughter Gianna also perished in the tragic helicopter crash, and there is no doubt that still to this day people think about what could have been if Kobe was still alive. Kobe was all about expanding his reach, and according to some reports, he was set to have a role in the Saved By The Bell reboot which came out on Peacock. In an interview with the Dare We Say podcast, actresses Alycia Pascual-Pena and Josie Totah spoke about how Kobe was supposed to film with them just two days after his passing.

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“A wild tidbit that I don’t think a lot of people know, or, it’s not important at all because obviously, we are the least of importance when it comes to this legend and his daughter’s passing, but we were actually supposed to film with Kobe two days after he died,” Totah said. “I remember the costume girls had gotten his sizes from his stylist, he fully was on the call sheet and all of that.”

Both actresses noted that the mood on set was quite somber after his passing and that everyone was devastated by what took place. They also went on to say that it was amazing how Los Angeles came out and celebrated Kobe as it demonstrated how loved he was.

Kobe had won an Oscar prior to his passing and we’re sure he would have done some amazing things in the entertainment world outside of that.

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