Russell Westbrook Speaks On Relationship With New Teammate Patrick Beverley

Russell Westbrook is a team player.

The Los Angeles Lakers player is looking to bounce back this season after having one of the worst seasons in his career. Westbrook is a player who has always been known to go all out on the court, and fans were really upset over how he shot last season. Now to make matters even more complicated, Westbrook now has to play with his former arch nemesis, Patrick Beverley, These two have been known enemies for quite a while, and they both have taken shots at each other in the past. Of course there is a fascination about how things are going to go between them, and reporters have been curious about whether or not Russ feels like he needs to change in order to accommodate Beverley.

Russell Westbrook is saying all the right things, and claims there is no beef between him and PBev. Westbrook claims to be an easygoing guy who has never held a grudge, especially not when it’s related to being competitive on the basketball court.

“[There was] no process,” Westbrook said. “I’m an easygoing guy. I don’t hold grudges against anybody—life is too short. We’ve been blessed with too many opportunities and platforms to walk around and hold grudges. I just continue to move forward. Obviously, when I’m on the court, I don’t have any friends other than that basketball and the people that’s on my team, so I compete. Other than that, off the floor, I’m just a normal guy that likes to have fun.”

Say what you want about Westbrook, but the dude goes hard, and maybe bringing in Beverley can help Russell get back to his old self, perhaps reign him in a bit. The guy is never going to have a good shot, but maybe he and Beverley can do some work on the defensive side of the ball.

Lakers fans better get ready for another rollercoaster season with Westbrook, especially now with PBev in the mix.

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