Video: It Appears as If Russell Westbrook Has Changed His Shot Working With NBA Trainer Chris Brickley

Russell Westbrook has a brand new jumpshot?

Los Angeles Lakers star Russell Westbrook may be doing whatever he can to lose the nickname Russell Westbrick.  Video of the Los Angeles Lakers guard went viral where it showed him in the gym showing off what appeared to be a different jump-shooting form. Based off the vivdeo,  Westbrook’s form looks a lot more compact, and he has a lot less movement overall.  The video was originally posted to TikTok by his trainer Chris Brickley.

See Russell new jumper below:

For comparison you can see a lowlight reel from Westbrook’s form on some of his worst shots of the season.  You can tell that his release point was well above his head.

Watch below:

You can’t blame Russ for trying to change things up, considering last year’s season was a complete dumpster fire for him. He went from being a Triple Double hero to being the butt of the joke. . While the former MVP has always been a below-average three-point shooter,  his shot looked absolutely broken last season. But last year with the Lakers it wasn’t as bad as it seemed. He shot 44.4 percent overall, which isn’t horrific, in fact it’s in line with a lot of top flight shooters.

Westbrook will  most likely play out next season on the Lakers roster, but the Utah Jazz reportedly want him now.

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