Russell Westbrook, Patrick Beverley Already Have Awkward on-Court Moment

The Lakers are going to be fun to watch this season.

Patrick Beverley has a history of beef with Russell Westbrook that dates back many years. The two have constantly criticized one another in the public eye, and they aren’t afraid to bring up old beef. Last season Beverley went as far as calling Westbrook “trash” and then appeared to hold his noise to indicate that the former MVP stinks now. Now that he is teammates with Westbrook everyone expected something to blow up at certain point.

When we learned that new Lakers coach Darvin Ham would play Westbrook and Beverley in the same lineup together we knew chaos would inevitably ensue. Last night there were some hints.

Watch below:

During the second half against the Timberwolves last night, Beverley called for a team huddle as the Lakers were down by two possessions. Within just a moment, he was joined by LeBron James as well as Anthony Davis.

Westbrook didn’t join the group though. He essentially hit Beverley with the “I pretend I do not see it” meme during this one.Beverley then signaled with his hands for his teammate to join him, but it was a lost cause. Davis even walked over to talk to Westbrook, but by that point, the huddle was deemed useless.

If Westbrook isn’t going to respect on court requests like joining for a team huddle, this isn’t going to a real sh*t show this season.

And we’re totally here for it.

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