Brooklyn Nets Star Kyrie Irving Tweets His Latest Controversial Thoughts: ‘Humanity Is At War’

Kyrie Irving has always had some interesting ways of looking at things.

The Brooklyn Nets controversial star has been a very interesting athlete over the years, mostly due to his various thoughts on the world’s issues. At times his opinions have gotten him into hot water, while also making him a polarizing figure amongst NBA fans, and even with his fellow NBA Players. It’s either a Love or hate situation when it comes to Kyrie, but he’s still a really great basketball player, which is why we keep on talking about him.

Throughout the NBA offseason, the Brooklyn Nets have been the talk of the NBA, with KD and Kyrie, it’s been an absolute roller coaster for Nets fans. Throughout every ordeal, Kyrie has simply tweeted through it. Most of the time, these tweets are extremely cryptic, and no one actually knows what he’s trying to say. This past weekend Kyrie delivered yet another one of these tweets, this time claiming that the world is in grave danger.

“HUMANITY is at war. Which side are you on? The TRUTH vs The Lie. Fear And GOD to do not operate in the same space,” Kyrie tweeted.  

With the Brooklyn Nets season right around the corner, Kyrie is once again ramping up the rhetoric.

If he wasn’t so damn talented would anyone even care, probably not.

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