Brooklyn Nets Star Kyrie Irving Shares Alex Jones Conspiracy Theory on Instagram

Kyrie Irving can’t help himself.

We’ve all known Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving has held some pretty wild beliefs for a while, but now he has taken things up a notch,. While he’s dabbled in the conspiracy theory world before, for example, his theory on the earth being flat,  this week he amped up the stakes by sharing footage of Alex Jones talking about the new world order, one-world government, etc. on his Instagram story. That’s an interesting thing to share.

See below:

The video is of Alex Jones back in 2002 when he was spewing his nonsense on a local cable access show. Now he’s the guy will have to figure out how to pay back nearly $50 million to families of Sandy Hook victims after losing a defamation lawsuit for calling the shooting a hoax. Plus he has another trial that begins this week.

Jones has made a living off his conspiracy theories  but he took some of them a little too far. The fact that Kyrie  Irving is sharing anything of Alex Jones is pretty unfunny and worrisome. The Brooklyn Nets star has his own issues to deal with and is entering a make-or-break year with the Brooklyn Nets.  Of course Kyrie is going to continue to make us all scratch our heads.

It’s just the kind of guy he is.

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