James Harden Reaction To Being Filmed At The Club Goes Viral

James Harden’s  offseason is  off to a fantastic start.

Harden’s stint with the Sixers started off great, but that quickly changed as James continued to struggle for most of the way. Harden’s struggles ended up costing the 76ers a chance at the Chip as they were ousted from the playoffs. Now, Harden has to think long and hard about where he wants to play next, although for now, he is doing what he does best, hitting up the clubs.

The Bearded One was enjoying some down time at the club this past weekend. As you can see in the video down below, Harden was in the corner feeling himself, when he noticed a camera filming him. His reaction says it all.

Watch below:

James Harden has been criticized for not being in shape throughout his career, specifically when he showed up to play in Brooklyn.

Like I always say, it was the Hard living and heavy lifting the past few years that’s done James in. You would think he’d be at the gym working on shots, but at least he’s getting in some cardio.

Harden gonna Harden.

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