YouTuber ‘SteveWillDoIt’ Will No Longer Watch Basketball Because James Harden DM’d His Girlfriend Celina Smith

James Harden is sliding right through the NBA offseason.

YouTuber SteveWillDoIt, whoever that is, is making some excuses on the reason he will no longer watch the NBA. Apparently it has everything to do with a bad taste in his mouth he has over 76ers star James Harden DM’ing his girlfriend Celina Smith. SteveWillDoIt, real name Stephen Deleonardis, is a YouTuber who developed a following by posting pranks and challenges. He’s a part of the NELK Boys network.

His channel was mysteriously deleted by YouTube recently, along with his millions of followers. Tough stretch for the Youtuber.

To add insult to injury, James Harden allegedly DM’d his girlfriend, at least according to him, during an appearance on Bradley Marytn’s podcast.

“I don’t really watch basketball. I don’t watch basketball ’cause f—in’ James Harden DM’d my girl, so that f—in’ ruined basketball for me,” SteveWillDoIt said.

Marytn immediately broke out into hysterical laughter, shouting, “Wait, wait, wait, wait!”

“F–k that s–t, dude, I’m not watching basketball,” SteveWillDoIt interjected back.

“Wait, wait, wait…” Marytn tried to jump in again.

“NBA… James Harden DM’d my girl, so you lost me. I’m not watching that s–t. F–k that s–t,” SteveWillDoIt continued.

“They lost your support because James Harden DM’d your girl?” Marytn then asked before busting back into laughter.

“I don’t f–k with basketball,” said SteveWillDoIt in reply.

“What did he say?! Do you know what he said? This is actually really funny,” Marytn then asked.

“I don’t know!” SteveWillDoIt responded.

“Was he like, ‘what’s good?’” Martyn then asked.

“F–k, maybe she messaged him back! I don’t know!” SteveWillDoIt answered.

“Was he like ‘come to game, I’ll do a stepback shot on you’ or what?” Marytn then joked before the clip cuts off.

There are plenty of reasons one might not be into watching the NBA, but James Harden DMing your girlfriend wasn’t on anyone’s bingo card as a reason.

I mean there are plenty of teams without Harden, it’s not worth shutting out the entire league over James sliding.

Just for reference, here’s the girl James DM’d.

Makes perfect sense.

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