Steph Curry Was Completely Open to Warriors Trading for Kevin Durant this Past Summer

Steph Curry did in fact want KD all along.

The Golden State Warriors star didn’t mince words when asked how he felt about playing again with embattled Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant. In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine’s Matt Sullivan, Curry was very blunt when asked about his thoughts regarding a reunion with Durant.

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“Hell, yeah!” Curry told Sullivan.

Despite how the relationship between Durant and the Warriors ended, Curry reiterated how he felt about potentially playing with the 33-year-old Durant again.

“And if you said, ‘Oh KD’s coming back, and we’re gonna play with him,’ I had so much fun playing with him those three years, I’d be like, ‘Hell yeah!’ ” Curry told Rolling Stone.

Curry then spoke about what a potential lineup with Kevin Durant would look like, with Andrew Wiggins, Jordan Poole and Draymond Green.

“If anybody’s saying that you wouldn’t entertain that conversation — no disrespect to anybody on our team — but you don’t know how things work,” Curry stated. “But you also understand, like, if we run this thing back, I’ve got complete confidence in my team that we can win it again, as constructed.”

At the end of the day StephCurry knows it is all about winning in the NBA.

Rings are rings,  it doesn’t matter if you’re just riding in the bus or the actual bus driver.

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