Kevin Durant Calls Out Olden Polynice For Repeating Fake Kyrie Irving-Steve Nash Story on Podcast

Kevin Durant is going hard to the hole at a former NBA Player.

The Brooklyn Nets superstar is not pulling any punches on Ex-NBA center Olden Polynice, who played in the league for 15 total seasons from 1987 to 2003. The former Chicago Bulls player got “Ballsacked” by a fake report that was recently put out by notorious Twitter parody account. A joke tweet, which is Ballsack sports’ thing, claimed that Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving had an incident with head coach Steve Nash at his house. The tweet said that Irving referred to Nash’s MVPs as “Kobe [Bryant]’s MVP trophies” during a team dinner at Nash’s house.

Polynice  went on a recent episode of FOX Sports Radio’s “The Odd Couple” and presented the “report” as factual.  Polynice even put his own twist on the story, claiming Irving told Nash, “You need to give those MVP trophies back to Kobe.”

Kevin Durant caught wind of Polynice’s gaffe, and went in on the former center on Social Meida.   Durant called out Polynice for his “generational lie” and tweeted a close-up of Polynice’s face.

See KD’s tweet below:

Polynice somehow tried to double down on his claim at that point and even pumped his fist for getting Durant’s attention. Durant then replied by telling Polynice that “U have no impact on anything” and to “Enjoy retirement lol.”

The internet can very much be like a game of telephone. Someone sees something on the net, then they unknowingly repeat it in the real world. That ultimately comes back to the net, which at that point it can be debunked.

Sounds like a Web of lies, and it sometimes it can be exactly that.

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