Video: Brooklyn Nets Star Kevin Durant Playing Pickle Ball This Offseason

Kevin Durant is joining the Pickle ball craze.

The Brooklyn Nets superstar apparently finally put down his phone for a minute to get in a little leisure activity with some friends at a local rec centet.  Just in case you didn’t see Durant tweeting, now we know why,  he was busy playing pickle ball.  The Video of the Brooklyn Nets star Durant playing some pickleball at a local rec center quickly went viral. Kevin Durant showed off a solid backhand and declared that he was “getting the hang of it.”

Watch below:

It’s not everyday you see a  6-foot-11  guy playing pickle ball, and not sure his height advantage that works great in basketball, works for a sport where you have to reach down to get a ball. But pickleball is still a pretty good way for the ex-NBA MVP to keep his reflexes sharp while on a break from the hardwood.  Durant has had a pretty wild offseason, and recently announced he was actually going to live up to his contract with the Brooklyn Nets. At least  for now that’s the plan.

Durant needs more of this type of activity, because frankly anytime he’s away from Twitter, it must mean he’s enjoying life outside of the net.

KD is an interesting character, and he definitely adds a lot to any conversation about the NBA.

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