Steph Curry Shares Tom Brady’s Secret to Extending his Prime

If anyone knows how to beat Father Time, it’s Tom Brady.

Speaking with NBC Sports Bay Area’s Kerith Burke at Warriors Media Day, the Warriors star explained his mindset as he approaches the back nine of his career and revealed what Tom Brady told him about extending his prime.

“Coming into my career, 16 years was always the goal,” Curry told Burke. “But times have changed and I feel like, obviously I know I can extend my prime. I’m still in my prime — I’m trying to extend it as long as I can.”

Curry’s original goal of 16 seasons was set because of his father, Dell, who played in the NBA for 16 seasons from 1986 to 2002. Steph approached Brady, arguably the greatest football player of all time, to pick his brain on how to approach the next few years.

“But the way that you do that and talking to the ultimate prime extender in Tom Brady, I talked to him a little bit. And just basically, it sounds cliche, but you literally just [ask], ‘What are you going to do this year to do it?’ ” Curry said.

Curry added that with each passing year, Brady told him to ask himself the same question and answer accordingly. That way, the Warriors star can stay in the present and be mindful of his current situation

“So you don’t get too ahead of yourself and thinking, ‘What’s four years going to look like?’ because who knows?” Curry said. “So right now, I’m just saying, ‘I know I can do it this year.’ “

“I know I’ve prepared my body for the tasks, my mind’s sharp, and I’m going to give it my best shot to hopefully have another championship at the end to show for it,” he concluded.

Ultimately, Curry told Burke that he has prepared for the 2022-23 NBA season and that remains his current goal.

Basketball is a little different than playing QB in the NFL, so we’ll see how long Steph can maintain his All-Star status.  Even Michael Jordan couldn’t play like he used to at an advanced age.

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