O.J. Simpson Tells NFL Players To Opt-Out If They Don’t Want To Be Vaccinated

O.J. Simpson is back at it on the socials today giving some advice to NFL players who are against getting the vaccine: opt-out.


In the message, Simpson tells a quick story about how one of his friend’s passed away from COVID after lying about getting the shot. Simpson also acknowledges that players have the option but says that “you don’t have the right to cost your team games”.

I mean his advice isn’t bad? For the players who are very against getting the vaccine, it is becoming increasingly much more difficult for them in the current state of the world. The NFL has put their foot down saying that teams will be forced to forfeit games if there are re-scheduling conflicts.

It will be interesting to see if we do get any players opting-out of this season simply because they do not want to be vaccinated.

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