Former Mets Manager Terry Collins Speaks On Matt Harvey’s Off-Field issues Following His Testimony In The Tyler Skaggs Trial

This week, Matt Harvey took the stand to testify in the wrongful death lawsuit for former Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs. During the testimony, Harvey admitted that he used cocaine to party while he was with the Mets.

In an interview this week, Harvey’s former Mets manager, Terry Collins, claims he wasn’t surprised by the revelation. Collins would also detail some other troubling signs Harvey showed during his time in New York.


“Certainly, that was addressed,” Collins told New York Post. “Again, it’s Matt, and one time he talked about, ‘I should just kill myself.’ … You try to deal with it the best you can. We certainly tried to get him help, get him some assistance.”

Terry Collins would go on to say that people in the Mets clubhouse suspected Matt Harvey’s drug use, but there was no moment when the team accused the ace of drug use officially.

“There was a testing program going on throughout Major League Baseball. We weren’t allowed to do any of our own stuff,” Collins said. “There were accusations that were being thrown around the clubhouse, for sure, but I had no proof of it at all. I can just tell you what guys were saying.

“There was a time I addressed an off-the-field issue with one of the other guys on the team and his statement was, ‘Well, I’m not doing what Matt Harvey is doing.’ I said, ‘This isn’t about Matt Harvey, this is about you.’ I tried to get off that subject as fast as I could. Was there knowledge in the clubhouse? Without question.”

While Terry Collins likely cares about Matt Harvey deep down, this interview feels wholly unnecessary to me. Unless he was given the OK by Harvey, this isn’t his story to tell.

Nevertheless, it appears that the former All-Star pitcher needs to get some help.

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