Draymond Green’s Mom Responds to Fan Who Said Draymond ‘Sucker Punched’ Jordan Poole

What a week for Draymond Green.

It’s been almost a week since the punch heard around the Twitter world happened. There was an incident that unfolded between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole during practice, which the Warriors initially attempted to diffuse, before having their spot blown up when TMZ posted a video of Draymond going in for the death punch on his teammate Jordan Poole.

You can watch the punch below:

The video clip was pretty bad for basically everyone involved, and while more than a few placed part of the blame on Jordan Poole for his part in the altercation, Green obviously received the brunt of the criticsim for his inability to stop himself from punching his teammate in the face. Think of it like he punched his coworker in the face, not a good look for anyone. Draymond Green’s mom is not happy that people are using “sucker punch” to describe what went down between her son and Jordan Poole

She came to her son’s defense and clapped back at a Warriors fan who characterized it as a cheap shot by saying he simply “got shoved and reacted.”

Draymond’s mother isn’t wrong, and we know she’s always going to go to bat for her son.

Momma Green to the rescue, again.

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