NBA Executive Speculates on Where Draymond Green Will End Up if He Leaves Warriors

Draymond Green may just be leaving the dynasty.

The Golden State Warriors are the dynasty of this generation, and no is at the front and center of it more than Draymond Green. Out of all the stars on the squad, he’s easily the most outspoken. With Draymond looking for an enormous payday, it might be time for him to start thinking about other places to take his schtick. One NBA executive who spoke with Sean Deveney of believes the Detroit Pistons could be a potential landing spot for the veteran forward, should the Warriors balk at extending him next summer.


Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Andrew Wiggins, and Jordan Poole will all be due contract extensions. If the Warriors were to pay all four of them, their tax bill could begin to approach $500 million. That’s territory that no team has come close to before, and it just seems unrealistic. Golden State may choose to draw their line in the sand. And according to an Eastern Conference executive who spoke with Sean Deveney of, the Detroit Pistons could be a potential landing spot for Green.

The same executive, who works for a team in the Eastern Conference, also told it’s believed Green has always wanted to play for his hometown Pistons at some point in his career.

“Draymond has always wanted to go there, he has always wanted to play for the Pistons,” the executive told Deveney. “And they’ll have the cap space. It’s hard to see Draymond playing anywhere else outside Golden State, but if it’s going to happen anywhere, Detroit would be a good bet.”

One thing’s for sure,  Draymond is past his prime, and he’s going to expect to be paid like he’s not.

Might not end well, but maybe Detroit will be the ticket for the Outspoken Podcaster.

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