Russell Westbrook had Surprising Comments Following Atrocious Performance

Russell Westbrook may be in serious denial.

The Los Angeles Lakers star continues to make people scratch their heads.  The Los Angeles Lakers guard Westbrook had a disastrous 0-for-11 shooting performance in last night’s game against the Clippers. Usually known as “Mr. Triple Double,” Westbrook finished with two points, three rebounds, and four assists,  and posted a plus-minus of -6 in what was ultimately a close six-point loss for the Lakers.


When asked for an assessment of his performance afterwards, Russell Westbrook had a surprising comment.

“Solid, solid,” he said of his play. “Played hard, that’s all you can ask for.”

Westbrook did have a pretty nice nice defensively. He finished with five steals and punished the Clippers multiple times when they tried to throw entry passes into Kawhi Leonard to attack Westbrook one-on-one in the post.

Watch below:

But the problem here is that Westbrook needs to shoot better, going 0 for 11 is not acceptable considering how much money he makes. There are bad night and then  there’s the night Westbrook had. He is the starting point guard on a LeBron James-led team and one of the highest-paid players in the NBA this season. He’s literally making $47.1 million  to play in the NBA this season.

It’s still early on, the Lakers are still only two games into the season. But Westbrook has become a major distraction.

And he seems like he can’t deal with his diminishing skillset.

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