Odell Beckham Jr. Didn’t Want an NFL Season

A quote from Odell Beckham Jr. about not wanting to play the 2020 season started circulating on Monday morning. With Matthew Stafford and Doug Pederson testing positive over the weekend, I understand the concern, not being in a bubble environment could very well end this season before it ever starts.

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The only problem is that this quote is two weeks old. Right as I was about to trash him for not just opting out, it appears that he has reported on time and feels comfortable with all of the precautions the Browns are taking. Typical OBJ, he just ran his mouth too much too soon.


He clearly feels comfortable and has passed all of the tests so far, giving him access to the training facilities and camp. I won’t knock a player if they want to opt out, I can’t say for sure what I would do if put in the same position. If I wasn’t comfortable, I would opt out, and if I played for the Browns, I would also opt out.

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