Matthew, Kelly Stafford Talk About Super Bowl Winner Getting a Vasectomy

A little snip snip for Matthew Stafford this offseason?

Sounds easy enough, but according to Kelly And Matthew Stafford, not so much. They go into detail on exactly why it’s so difficult for players to get a vasectomy as they discussed their own fertility situation when speaking about having more kids.

Via Bro Bible:

Kelly Stafford: We don’t have babies anymore, it’s just weird. We were in a mode of just full-on babies for so long.

Kelly’s co-host: How about another?

Kelly Stafford: No

Matthew Stafford: Please no.

Kelly Stafford: God no. I’m trying to get him snipped during The Masters but the a**hole won’t find a doctor.

Matthew Stafford: I’ve got conflicting information on how long the recovery is.

Kelly Stafford: We’re talking about having babies and you’re talking about getting a little cut.

Matthew Stafford: No, I understand. Somebody told me I can’t pick my kids up for two weeks.

Kelly Stafford: I heard 24 hours.

Matthew Stafford: Correct, so that’s why I’m like 24 hours I’m in, or 24 hours I’m in. But if I can’t lift weights for two or three weeks. How am I going to walk into the Day 1 of our offseason program and say ‘sorry, I can’t lift weights, guys’?

Kelly’s co-host: Can you do it sooner?

Matthew Stafford: Nope, we’re coming up on the deadline. And well honestly, if I did it April 1 and then we start April 18th. Actually, April 1 I’m busy. Listen, I would totally do it we just gotta figure out the right time.

Then they began to talk about male birth control pills:

Kelly’s co-host: Male birth control might come out now, did you see that?

Kelly Stafford: I thought it was out.

Kelly’s co-host: I think it’s like officially coming out, they’ve always been testing it. This is actually an interesting question (for Matthew), would you ever take a male contraceptive if you could play on it and it didn’t interfere with NFL stuff and it was the way that females take birth control, would you ever take a male contraceptive?

Matthew Stafford: I would. I mean, in my current state like I don’t want to have any more children. Yea I would do that. As long as it didn’t, and I know this is the issue with women too, it just messes with you.

Kelly’s co-host: (joking) It makes us crazy…

Matthew Stafford: Yeah, sure… sure… But no, if it didn’t make me go crazy I would do it. I’m a test dummy. Bring it on, let’s go.

Kelly Stafford: But we’re done with having kids so we’ll have to figure that out. I hate birth control and my sister got pregnant on it like three times so… Matthew doesn’t believe it either and I’m like but she did.

So thanks to the Staffords, we now know that getting a vasectomy during an NFL season is not an option.

Even months before the season started would be an issue.

The more you know…

Check out more of Kelly and Matt below:

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