Video: Russell Wilson Pushing his Signature Subway Sandwich ‘The Dangerwich’ Has Resurfaced

Russell Wilson should stick to his day job.

The National Football League star QB has the Denver Broncos off to a 2-1 despite not playing very well, to put it nicely. But records are all that matters, and currently they sit tied atop the AFC West. Moving to a new team and signing a massive extension has brought increased focus everything Russell Wilson. And to say he can be a little awkward is quite the understatement. That was made ever more clear this week when a video of the Denver Broncos quarterback attempting to be a pitchman for Subway resurfaced.

In the video you can see Russ is pushing his signature sandwich “The Dangerwich.” It’s a very strange spot indeed.

Watch Russ pitch his Dangerwich below:

Russell Wilson makes fellow Subway pitchman Bill Belichick seem somewhat magnetic. Some athletes have natural charisma, while others just don’t. Russell seems like a perfectly nice guy, but his demeanor trying to pitch his signature sandwich is just a bit creepy. Not to mention the name of the sandwich is a  total  misfire.  I mean who’s is going to Subway asking for the Dangerwich?  No one.

Not every NFL quarterback can be as natural as Peyton Manning, but this is just bizarre.

Ciara needs to work with Russ on how to relax when the cameras start rolling.

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