Vikings Running Back Dalvin Cook Had A Butt fumble That No One Even Noticed

Everyone loves a butt fumble.

There was a Butt Punt that dominated all the coverage this past NFL Sunday. It was something new, because I’m pretty sure we’ve never seen a punter kick a football right into his teammate’s butt. At least not at the NFL level. This worked out very well for Vikings running back Dalvin Cook and his Minnesota Vikings teammate. Due to the craziness of the butt punt, it appears that we totally missed a butt fumble.

And you know we have to cover a butt fumble. Of course this isn’t a Mark Sanchez level Butt fumble, but nonetheless it deserves to be seen.

Watch Dalvin Cook’s butt fumble below:

It was a wild NFL weekend that featured a butt punt, another QB running into the back of the end zone, and now this butt fumble. Jimmy G was the QB who cost him team for running out of the end zone.  And the butt punt, well no one really cares about punters or kickers, unless of course they injure themselves while celebrating.

Out of all the action on the field, people clearly love bloopers, and with so many plays taking place each and every Sunday, it’s pretty common for people to remember the mistakes made rather than highlights.

Of course Mark Sanchez knows all about how a misplay can stick with you for the rest of your life.

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