Rumor: Boomer Esiason Believes Giants Will Consider Trading Saquon Barkley to Buffalo Bills Before Trade Deadline

Is Saquon Barkley going to be traded ahead of the trade deadline?

The New York Giants are 2-1 but they still don’t look like a great team. They are definitely a more cohesive unit than they were over the last several years, but still far from being a legit good football team. Giants head coach Brian Daboll has done a good job of getting the running game moving well, but Daniel Jones, however, does not look like he’s taking any steps forward under Daboll. It’s hard to imagine Jones leading the Giants into being a playoff contender. No one has enjoyed more of a resurgence than Saquon Barkley under the new Giants head coach. Saquon is fully healthy and is looking really good.

Barkley has been nearly as good as the Giants hoped when they took him No. 2 overall in the 2018 NFL draft.

Yet Boomer Esiason thinks the Giants will consider trading Barkley before the deadline on November 1. And for whatever reason he’s thinking the Buffalo Bills would be the perfect trading partner for the Giants.

Watch Boomer explain below:

It’s kind of crazy to think the Giants would trade their most valuable offensives asset, considering they are off to a good start record wise. Plus the Giants aren’t going to ever be a pass first team with Daniel Jones under center. Saquon on the Bills could potentially take them to the next level, but what would they have to give up to get him?

Boomer knows how to get the rumor mill churning.

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