Harrison Bader Chugged Four Beers at Once While Celebrating Yankees Clinching AL East

Now that’s how you celebrate.

The New York Yankees took care of business last night and wrapped up the American League East title. While many fans have been focused on Aaron Judge’s homerun record, people may have forgotten the point is to win the World Series, but first you need to get to the tournament. As is tradition the Yankees celebrated clinching the AL East like they won something much larger, and naturally the beer was flowing like wine. There was one Yankees player partying harder than any other and it was Harrison Bader. The athletic outfielder showed off his skills by chugging a handful of cans at once.

You can watch the impressive feat below:

That’s definitely impressive, and much more exciting than just chugging one beer at a time. Might he regret going for the four chug this morning? Possibly, but he’s still young enough and should be able to bounce back. Should be interesting what he has in store for when the Yankees advance to the ALCS.

Or can you imagine what will go down if the Yankees get to the World Series? How about if they end up winning the World Series, now that’s going to be wild.

Harrison Bader is definitely someone to watch during a celebration. Meanwhile Aaron Judge can hit bombs but can’t chug four beers at once…

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