Max Scherzer Injury Update: Buck Showalter Provides Clarity After Pitcher Leaves Start Early With Arm Issue

New York Mets fans were reeling after another potential injury affected them on Saturday night.

Starting pitcher Max Scherzer was rolling through five innings, but manager Buck Showalter opted to take out the ace because of some arm fatigue.

At that point, Scherzer had only thrown 67 pitches, and the game against the Washington Nationals was tied up at one.

“It wasn’t anything specific,” Scherzer said. “I don’t have a strain, it’s just the left side was getting tired a lot quicker than usual.

“Was there a scenario where I could pitched the sixth and be OK? Yeah, that could’ve happened. But if I went out there in the sixth and I got hurt, there’s no way I could come in here and look the guys in the face and say that I made the right decision. Better to be safe than sorry in this scenario.”

Although fans immediately imagined the worst case scenario of Scherzer going to the IL during the pennant race, Showalter eased some anxiety when saying the right-hander should be able to make his next start.

“He probably could’ve continued to pitch, but we didn’t think it was a good idea,” Showalter said.”He didn’t ask to come out. You know Max is never going to do that. … Just didn’t think it was a good idea to push it.”

The Mets would go on to run away from the Nationals, winning 7-1. And hopefully, the arm issues are nothing that persists for Max Scherzer as the Mets set their sights on making a World Series run this season.

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