Cleveland Skipper Terry Francona Gets Ejected For Hurling Multiple F-Bombs at Umpire

Talk about pure insanity.

There was plenty of wild action to see at the Cleveland Guardians vs. Los Angeles Angels game on Monday. Cleveland skipper Terry Francona got ejected and hurled multiple F-bombs at an ump, and L.A. manager Phil Nevin also got the boot a few minutes later. The wild scene erupted in the bottom of the 7th inning at Progressive Field when Tito believed Guards star Andrés Giménez got hit by a Ryan Tepera pitch, but the call didn’t go that way.

A pissed off Terry Francona then took the field to plead his case, and after about 30 seconds of back-and-forth, he was tossed out of the game. Can you imagine just how many F-Bombs he let fly before he got the Heave-Ho.

The arguing didn’t stop there  ’cause Tito started getting rated R with his rant.

Watch below:

Francona threw several “f*** yous”  as tempers continued to flare but eventually he made his way for the clubhouse. As it turned out, that was just the start because when play finally did get back going, the Angels skipper was pretty upset over Tepera not getting more time to warm up. It was the same result for Phil Nevin, ’cause he was also tossed, and subsequently sent to the clubhouse.

The Cleveland Guardians ended up beating the Los Angeles Angeles 5-4.

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