Yankees Slugger Aaron Judge Doesn’t Rule Out the Possibility of Playing for the Boston Red Sox

Aaron Judge bet on himself and won.

The New York Yankees slugger has still not received a contract extension with the New York Yankees. Judge is undoubtedly the top dog when it comes to sluggersin the MLB right now. He’s absolutely crushing it this year, and his stats have been off the charts. Judge is hitting .310 with 57 homers and 123 RBIs, which rank 7th, 1st, and 1st in the majors. With uncertainty surrounding his future as a New York Yankees player, one reporter asked Aaron Judge if he would consider playing in Boston.

Let’s just say he didn’t say no.

“[The fans] are some of the best in baseball… A lot of great history, here, and this is one of the best places to play.”

Aaron Judge was specifically asked about playing for the Red Sox:

“We’ll talk about that at the end of the year.”

Watch Judge talk about the Red Sox below:

Aaron Judge will turn 31 a few weeks into the 2023 season so it’s highly likely Judge will be seeking an 8 year contract this winter. Could you imagine the chaos in New York if the team trades their best player to the Red Sox? That would really amp up the rivalry.

Luckily the Yankees can just pay him, but it will certainly cost them a fortune to do so.

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