Blue Jays Fan ‘Frankie Lasagna’ Speaks Out on Just Missing Aaron Judge’s 61st Home Run Ball

Talk about waking up feeling sick.

New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge finally hit that big one last night, he clubbed out home run No. 61 to tie former Yankees great Roger Maris for the most homers in a season in American League history. He was lucky enough to get the special ball back without giving anything up. While that was really great for Judge, it was not great for a couple of Blue Jays fans sitting in left field who came so very close to shagging the ball, only to see it bounce off the blue wall a few feet below them and land in the Toronto bullpen.

Watch below:

The guy in the blue shirt who came close to the ball is not talking about the missed opportunity,  but Blue Jays fans Frankie Lasagna shared his sad story with a Toronto media outlet, went home last night wondering what could have been if that ball traveled just a few feet higher.

The 37-year-old Toronto restaurant owner came agonizingly close to catching the historic ball after Judge went deep in the seventh inning.

Lasagna stretched over the railing but the ball hit the wall just below and bounced into the Toronto bullpen. He put both hands on top of his head after the near-miss, a frustrated look etched on his face.

“Two more feet and I would have had it,” he said. “I needed a fishing net and I would have got it.”

Hard not to feel for Frankie Lasagna and the other nameless Blue Jays fan. Today could have been potentially the best day of their lives.
Instead they will always think what could have been if only they caught that historic baseball.

Baseball is the one sport where fans really have a chance to make it big..

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