NFL Reporter Sara Walsh Found Out Her Husband Matt Buschmann Caught Aaron Judge’s 61st Home Run on Twitter

Talk about a surreal moment on Social Media.

Last night New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge tied Roger Maris’ record of 61 home runs, the most in a single season in the American League. While some baseball fans just missed out on a chance to grab the historic ball, other were busy celebrating the historical occasion on Social Media. NFL Reporter Walsh, on the other hand, was finding out on Twitter that it hit pretty close to home, after realizing that her husband was the one that ended up with Judge’s historic homer.

Walsh’s husband is Matt Buschmann, who just so happens to be the Blue Jays bullpen coach. Buschmann ended up with the ball after it landed in the bullpen and Walsh found out the news via Twitter while battling Hurricane Ian in Florida.

Unfortunately for the entire Buschmann family, he was spotted on the broadcast handing the ball off to someone, giving up his claim over a historic home run and a likely a nice little pay out. Walsh’s response was pretty funny.

See below:

Aaron Judge’s 61st home run would have been worth a ton of money had it hit the open market. The Blue Jays fans knew it and now NFL reporter Sara Walsh knows their pain.

Now if that was 62 I’m pretty sure Buschmann wouldn’t have handed it back so quickly.

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