Video: Yankees Fans Went Absolutely Wild in the Stands Trying To Get Aaron Judge’s 60th Homerun

That ball is worth some money.

The fight for Aaron Judge’s 60th home run ball was absolutely wild, and we can only pray that there were no helpless children in the scrum. Following Judge launching his historic 60th homer to left field in the ninth inning of Tuesday night’s comeback win against the Pirates, tying Babe Ruth for the second-most in American League history in a single season, fans in the stands did whatever they had to in order to get their hands on history.

Video from the stands shows a large group of men doing a pile up in an attempt to acquire the historic ball from the bottom of the pile.

Watch the scrum below:

Eventually 20-year-old City College of New York student Mike Kessler ended up acquiring the prized possession.

“It bounced off someone’s hand. I reached and grabbed it and just bear-hugged it,” Kessler told The New York Post. “I just smothered it. It got off to the side. It was a mad pile.”
The ball could end up being worth anywhere from $50,000 to $500,000 as a collectible, according to Darren Rovell of The Action Network. Judge’s next two home run balls — the 61st to tie Roger Maris’ American League record and the 62nd to break it — stand to be worth even more.

Kessler ended up returning the ball to the Yankees in exchange for a meet-and-greet with Judge, four autographed baseballs and a signed bat.

Good deal.

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