YES Network Gave an On Air Eulogy to Sports Reporter Bob Trainor Who Is Still Very Much Alive

Never bury a man who isn’t dead.

Bob Trainor was probably as surprised as anyone to find out that he was dead.  Over this past weekend, many notable figures in the New York sports media paid tribute to Bob Trainor, a press box and locker room legend who was reported to have passed away. During Sunday night’s New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays game, YES Network announcers gave a touching eulogy to him.

“Sad news,” YES Network announcer Michael Kay said during Sunday’s broadcast. “If you’ve ever been around a Major League ballpark in any of the sporting events in New York – football, basketball, hockey – you saw Bob Trainor there, and he passed away today. 40 year fixture in all of the clubhouses, and our condolences go out to Bob’s family and friends.

“He was really part of the fabric of New York Sports, and he was one to collect sound and the voices you would hear on the radio, that could be the sound that Bob Trainor picked up.

“So, he passed away, and again, our condolences go out to his family and friends.”

Watch below:

Only one problem, Bob Trainor is still very much  alive.

Mike Mancuso, a reporter for WFAN and CBS Sports Radio, spoke to the man during the holiday weekend.

“Friends, something didn’t feel right about the various reports of Bob’s passing, so I reached out and BOB called me this morning,” Mancuso tweeted. “HAPPY to say he’s alive and doing well. Bob is thankful for all the kind words. My sincere apologies for responding to reports without confirmation.”

Giving an on air eulogy only works when someone has actually passed.

Someone needs to search for a death certificate next time they decide to deliver a eulogy while on live T.V.

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