Johnny Manziel Gifted Darren Rovell an Expletive Autographed Helmet

Former NFL player Johnny Manziel is still signing autographs, and the Heisman Winner was kind enough to send one to his arch nemesis Darren Rovell. The backstory between these two is pretty simple, Rovell constantly goes at Manziel, and Manziel dislikes him very much.  Manziel hates the guy so much, that he decided to send him a big F.U. And he even signed his name to it as well.

Manziel sent him the helmet, which was authenticated.

See below:


Now that is how you gift someone you despise.

Twitter reacted below:

If there’s one thing everyone can universally agree upon, it’s Darren Rovell is a turd.

Awesome move by Johnny Football.

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